, Karl II

Namn vid födseln Karl II
Namn vid födseln Charles II the Bald
Alias Karl den skallige
Kön man
Ålder vid död 54 år


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Charles II the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor, King of France was born in 823 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Died on 6 Oct 877 in Avrieux, Dauphine, France. Charles II (Holy Roman Empire), called The Bald (823-77), Holy Roman emperor (875-77),
and, as Charles I, king of France (843-77), born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. He was the fourth son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis I; his mother, Louis's second wife, was Judith of Bavaria.
Judith's determination to secure a kingdom for her only son led to civil war with Louis's other two surviving sons, Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I and King Louis II of Germany. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Verdun in 843. Ch
arles received the western portion of the empire, which from this time may be called the kingdom of France, or the West Frankish Kingdom.
Charles was a weak ruler; the great nobles were rapidly becoming independent, and the Vikings pillaged the country without meeting much resistance from Charles, who preferred to buy them off. Nevertheless, when Holy Roman Emperor Louis II d
ied in 875, Charles received the imperial crown through the favor of Pope John VIII. Charles was succeeded as king of France by his son, Louis II (846-79), but the imperial throne was vacant until 881.

He married Ermentrude d'Orleans. Ermentrude d'Orleans was born on 27 Sep 830 in France. Died on 6 Oct 869 in Saint-Denis, Seine, Ile-de-France, France.

They had the following children:

+38 i. Louis II King of France, the Stammerer


Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Födelse 823      
Död 877      
Giftermål mellan 842-12-13 och 842-12-14 Quierzy    
Födelse 823-06-13 Franfurt am Main   1
Död 877-10-06 Brides-les-bains, Avrieux (Schweiz)    
Begravning   Nantua (France)    


Släktskap till huvudperson Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum Släktskap inom familjen (om ej genom födsel)
Far av Franken, Ludvig I778840-06-20
Mor av Bayern, Judith795843-04-19
         , Karl II 823 877
    Syster     , Gisela c:a 820 c:a 874


Familj för , Karl II och , Irmentrude

Okänd Partner , Irmentrude ( * c:a 830 + 869-10-06 )
Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Giftermål 842-12-13   0  
Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum
av Västfranken, Judith844-10-00870
av Frankrike, Ludwig II846-11-01879-04-10
, Louis II le Begue846-11-01879-04-10


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