Martell, Karl

Namn vid födseln Martell, Karl
Namn vid födseln Karl Martel
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Ålder vid död omkring 52 år, 9 månader, 21 dagar


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Karl/Charles Martel Ruler of the Franks was born in 688. Died on 22 Oct 741 in Quierzy.
Charles Martel (circa 688-741), Carolingian ruler of the Frankish kingdom of Austrasia (in present northeastern France and southwestern Germany). Charles, whose surname means the hammer, was the son of Pepin of Herstal and the grandfather of Charlemagne. Pepin was mayor of the palace under the last kings of the Merovingian dynasty. When he died in 714, Charles, an illegitimate son, was imprisoned by his father's widow, but he escaped in 715 and was proclaimed mayor of the p
alace by the Austrasians. A war between Austrasia and the Frankish kingdom of Neustria (now part of France) followed, and at the end of it Charles became the undisputed ruler of all the Franks.
Although he was engaged in wars against the Alamanni, Bavarians, and Saxons, his greatest achievements were against the Muslims from Spain, who invaded France in 732. Charles defeated them near Poitiers in a great battle in which the Muslim leader, Abd-ar-Rahman, the emir of Spain, was killed. The progress of Islam, which had filled all Christendom with alarm, was thus checked for a time. Charles drove the Muslims out of the Rhone valley in 739, when they had again advanced into France as far as Lyon, leaving them nothing of their possessions north of the Pyrenees beyond the Aude River. Charles died in Quierzy, on the Oise River, leaving the kingdom divided between his two sons, Carloman (circa 715-754) and Pe
pin the Short.


Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Födelse c:a 689      
Död 741-10-22      
Födelse c:a 688 Herstal, Austrasia, Frankish Empire (Belgique)   1
Död 741-10-22 Quierzy, Neustria, Frankish Empire (France)    
Yrke     Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia  


Släktskap till huvudperson Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum Släktskap inom familjen (om ej genom födsel)
Far av Herstal, Pippin635714-12-16
Mor , Chalpaidac:a 860705
         Martell, Karl c:a 689 741-10-22


Familj för Martell, Karl och , Chrodtrud

Okänd Partner , Chrodtrud ( * 690 + 724 )
Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Giftermål före 715   0  
Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum
, Pippin d.y.714768

Familj för Martell, Karl och , Svanhilde

Gift Maka , Svanhilde ( * före 715 + ... )
Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Giftermål före 735   0  
Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum
, Chiltrude Martelföre 735754