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Namn vid födseln Pippin d.y.
Namn vid födseln Pepin the Short
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Pepin the Short, King of the Franks was born in 714. Died on 24 Sep 768.
Pepin the Short (circa 714-68), mayor of the palace of Austrasia and king of the Franks (751-68), the son of the Frankish ruler Charles Martel, and the grandson of Pepin of Herstal. He was mayor of the palace during the reign of Childeric I
II (reigned about 743-52), the last of the Merovingian dynasty.
In 751, Pepin deposed Childeric and thus became the first king of the Carolingian dynasty. He was crowned by Pope Stephen II (III) in 754. When the pope was threatened by the Lombards of northern Italy, Pepin led an army that defeated the
m (754-55). He ceded to the pope territory that included Ravenna and other cities. This grant, called the Donation of Pepin, laid the foundation for the Papal States.

Pepin enlarged his own kingdom by capturing Aquitaine, or Aquitania, in southwestern France. He was succeeded by his sons Carloman (751-71) and Charlemagne as joint kings. He married Bertrada II de Laon, she died in 783.


Händelse Datum Plats Beskrivning Källor
Födelse 714      
Död 768      
Födelse c:a 715 Herstal, Austrasia, Frankish Empire (Belgique)    
Död 768 Frankerriket    


Släktskap till huvudperson Namn Födelsedatum Dödsdatum Släktskap inom familjen (om ej genom födsel)
Far Karl Martellc:a 689741-10-22
Mor Chrodtrud690724
         Pippin d.y. 714 768
Far Karl Martellc:a 689741-10-22
Styvmor Svanhildeföre 715
    Halvsyster     Chiltrude Martel före 735 754


Familj för Pippin d.y. och Bertrada d.y.

Okänd Partner Bertrada d.y. ( * 719 + 783-06-12 )
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Karl den store742-04-02814-01-28